2023 GMC Canyon Overview

Are you searching for a dependable and rugged companion for your adventures? Look no further than the impressive 2023 GMC Canyon at Fahrney Buick GMC, proudly serving Selma Fresno Clovis. This versatile truck is engineered to exceed your expectations, providing unmatched performance, style, and safety. Whether tackling off-road trails or navigating city streets, the Canyon is ready to elevate your driving experience. The 2023 GMC Canyon near Fresno, CA, introduces a new era of versatile and capable trucks. With its affordable starting price per the manufacturer for the base model, this vehicle brings exceptional value to drivers in Selma, Fresno, and Clovis. Designed for city streets and off-road trails, the Canyon is a testament to GMC's commitment to excellence. Experience the power, style, and innovation of the Canyon today.

Fresno CA - 2023 GMC Canyon's Overview

Exterior - GMC Dealer serving Fresno CA

The 2023 GMC Canyon's exterior is a true embodiment of strength and style. Its unique build and muscular contours exude a commanding presence on the road, turning heads wherever it goes. The meticulously crafted grille showcases the iconic GMC emblem, while available LED headlights illuminate the path ahead with clarity. Every detail contributes to the Canyon's striking appearance, from the distinct wheel designs to the available chrome accents. Whether navigating urban streets or venturing into the wild, the 2023 GMC Canyon's exterior is a testament to its capability and enduring allure.

Fresno CA - 2023 GMC Canyon's Exterior

Interior - 2023 GMC Canyon near Fresno CA

Discover a new level of comfort and connectivity with the 2023 GMC Canyon's cabin revamp. Among these advancements are underbody cameras, a convenient head-up display, and a comprehensive cabin redesign reminiscent of Chevy's recent overhaul of the Colorado interior. Notably, a fresh digital gauge cluster takes position behind an entirely new steering wheel arrangement. A strategic relocation of the gear shifter toward the passenger side creates space for the drive-mode selection knob. Thoughtfully responding to driver and passenger needs, GMC has even repositioned the cupholders into a more accessible, deeper cubby. The AT4X trim, setting a high standard, has a premium head-up display and an impressive seven-speaker Bose audio system that guarantees an exciting music experience.

Fresno CA - 2023 GMC Canyon's Interior
GMC Canyon Mechanical specs

The heart of the 2023 GMC Canyon's prowess lies in its mechanical ingenuity. Designed with precision, its robust chassis and advanced suspension work in harmony to deliver a controlled and comfortable ride. Tackling diverse terrains becomes effortless, thanks to the Canyon's agile handling and responsive steering. Its well-engineered components ensure durability and long-lasting performance, reflecting GMC's commitment to crafting vehicles that stand the test of time. Whether cruising city streets or conquering off-road trails, the 2023 GMC Canyon's mechanical brilliance is poised to elevate your driving experience.

Fresno CA - 2023 GMC Canyon's Mechanical
Powertrain - GMC Dealership near Fresno CA

At the heart of the 2023 GMC Canyon's commanding performance lies a turbocharged 2.7-liter inline-four engine. With an astonishing 310 horsepower and an impressive 430 pound-feet of torque, this powerplant delivers unmatched vigor for every adventure. The engine's prowess is seamlessly harnessed by an eight-speed automatic transmission, ensuring silky-smooth gear transitions. While rear-wheel drive comes standard, an enticing option for a recommended four-wheel drive is available, elevating the Canyon's capabilities across various terrains. Prepare to experience power like never before in the Canyon.

Safety - 2023 GMC Canyon dealer

In the 2023 GMC Canyon near Fresno, safety takes center stage. With cutting-edge safety features, this truck ensures your peace of mind on every journey. Combined with its sturdy construction and advanced airbag system, the Canyon creates a protective cocoon for you and your passengers. Whether you're navigating busy city streets or rugged trails, the Canyon has your safety as its top priority. Active safety technologies to prevent potential accidents include: Adaptive cruise control system - Standard lane-keeping assist and lane-departure warnings - An automated emergency braking system and standard forward-collision warning.

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