2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Towing Capacity

2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Towing Capacity

Towing capacity is one of the most important indicators of a truck's capabilities. Buyers want to know that the pickup they're considering will be able to handle the loads they need to move around, be it a camper during a weekend trip or a trailer on a job site. The 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 is a popular choice because it has a high towing capacity, along with the interior comforts that you'd expect from a GMC vehicle. Below, the pickup experts at our Fahrney Buick GMC dealership in Selma, California, review the 2024 Sierra 1500's towing capabilities.

GMC's full-size pickup has a maximum towing capacity of 13,200 pounds. This impressive number makes the Sierra 1500 a great choice for families with a large RV, small business owners requiring a sturdy vehicle for their daily needs, or anyone else wanting to pull a heavy load.

The GMC Sierra 1500 has a range of towing capacities. Consequently, how much the GMC Sierra 1500 can tow will depend on which one of the four engines in its lineup you choose. If you're planning to haul cargo in the truck bed, know that the vehicle's maximum payload capacity is 2,240 pounds.

The GMC Sierra 1500's base engine is a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder unit. It provides more than enough power for most driving situations and boasts a top towing capacity of 9,500 pounds, which is suitable for most recreational needs. In addition, the turbocharged four-cylinder engine is more fuel-efficient than the larger V-8.

The lineup's smaller V-8 is a 5.3-liter unit capable of producing 355 horsepower. This engine offers an upper towing limit of 11,200 pounds. If you opt for the larger V-8, you'll have a 6.2-liter engine capable of churning out 420 horsepower. This engine has a 13,200-pound towing capacity, making it a good choice if you plan on pushing your Sierra 1500 to the limit of its capabilities.

The final option available is the six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine that also has the capacity to tow 13,200 pounds. You may want to opt for the turbo-diesel engine if you prioritize fuel efficiency, as it's more economical than the larger V-8.

If you're more focused on hauling than towing, you'll want to consider the dimensions of the various cargo beds on offer. The GMC Sierra 1500 has three options, the long 8-foot bed, standard 6-foot-6 bed, and short 5-foot-8 bed. Bear in mind that your choice may influence the cab options available.

2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Towing Features

With the Sierra 1500, GMC offers the Trailering Package. It includes several features that will make your towing experience easier, such as the trailer hitch and Hitch Guidance system. The guidance system makes it easier for you to hook up your trailer, camper, or whatever else you want to tow. This package also includes a four-pin or seven-pin connector for your trailer and a seven-wire electrical harness.

Towing professionals will probably favor the Max Trailering Package. It takes the Sierra 1500's towing features to the next level, as it includes a trailer brake and an enhanced cooling radiator. These features are important when you're towing extremely heavy loads. The trailer brake gives you extra control over your cargo while on the road, which helps keep you and other motorists safe. The cooling radiator ensures your engine remains cool when it's working hard.

2024 GMC Sierra 1500 Competitors

The GMC Sierra 1500 can go toe-to-toe with its main competitors in the full-size pickup market. The other vehicles in this class have similar or lower towing capacities. We think the Sierra 1500 keeps its nose ahead thanks to its extensive range of towing assistance features.

The Chevrolet Silverado has a lot in common with the GMC Sierra 1500, as it has a similar engine lineup and a towing capacity of 13,300 pounds. The Silverado model with the top towing capacity has the same six-cylinder turbo-diesel engine as the Sierra 1500.

A further similarity between these two trucks is the upgrade packages on offer. With the Silverado, the choice is between the Trailering Package and Max Trailering Package, both of which include the same features as those in the Sierra 1500's packages. One of the main differences between these two trucks is that the GMC pickup has a more refined interior than the Silverado.

The Sierra 1500 also has to compete with the Ram 1500 for buyers in the full-size pickup class. In terms of towing, the Sierra 1500 comes out on top, as its maximum capacity of 13,200 pounds beats the Ram's 12,750 pounds. The Ram has three engine options: the base V-6, a standard V-8, and a supercharged V-8. To enjoy this vehicle's top towing capacity, the supercharged V-8 engine is the best option. However, if the focus is on hauling cargo, the base V-6 engine is the perfect choice, as it provides the top payload capacity of 2,300 pounds.

The Ram can also be equipped with a range of towing features to improve its performance when pulling a trailer. If the plan is to go off-road, various options may be useful, such as all-terrain tires, an improved suspension, and skid plates, which will help the vehicle cope with rough terrain and larger obstacles.

Test-Drive the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 at Fahrney Buick GMC

Our review clearly demonstrates that the GMC Sierra 1500 is a wise choice if you're looking for a new truck with excellent towing capabilities. The GMC vehicle experts at our Fahrney Buick GMC dealership in Selma, California, are available to answer any questions you may have about towing, such as engine capabilities and towing package features. We can also arrange a test drive for you near Fresno so you can experience the quality of the 2024 GMC Sierra 1500 yourself. You can also explore our auto-financing options and new vehicle specials for more information.


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