Best Concerts in Selma, CA

Selma, California, a vibrant hub nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, is not just known for its rich agricultural heritage but also for its lively music scene. As spring breathes new life into the city, it brings with it a symphony of sounds, from the strumming guitars to the soulful vocals of various artists. This season, Selma's concert scene is buzzing with an array of musical events that cater to every taste, whether you're a fan of rock, country, pop, or something in between. Let's dive into the best concerts and spring activities that Selma and its surroundings have to offer, ensuring your spring is as melodious and memorable as ever!

1. Pitbull at Save Mart Center

Get ready to feel the rhythm with Pitbull, the international sensation known for his electrifying performances. His concert at the Save Mart Center promises to be a night of high-energy music and dance, perfect for kicking off the spring season in style.

2. Enrique Iglesias at Save Mart Center

Enrique Iglesias, the king of Latin pop, is set to serenade Selma with his romantic ballads and upbeat tracks. His performance at the Save Mart Center is a must-see for anyone looking to be swept away by smooth vocals and catchy tunes.

3. TobyMac at Save Mart Center

For those who enjoy a blend of hip-hop, pop, and rock with a Christian message, TobyMac's concert is the place to be. His dynamic stage presence and uplifting music are sure to leave you inspired.

4. FIDLAR at Strummer's

Dive into the punk rock scene with FIDLAR at Strummer's. Known for their raw energy and unapologetic sound, this concert is perfect for those looking to experience the edgier side of spring.

5. Tool at Save Mart Center

Join the legendary rock band Tool for a night of progressive metal and mesmerizing visuals. Their concert is an immersive experience, combining thought-provoking lyrics with complex musical compositions.

6. Treaty Oak Revival at Strummer's

Experience the soulful blend of country and rock with Treaty Oak Revival. Their performance at Strummer's is a great opportunity to enjoy some homegrown music in an intimate setting.

7. Ralph Barbosa at Save Mart Center

Laugh your way into spring with comedian Ralph Barbosa. His show at the Save Mart Center is a perfect blend of humor and insight, offering a light-hearted escape.

8. Blake Shelton at Save Mart Center

Country music fans won't want to miss Blake Shelton's performance. Known for his smooth vocals and charming stage presence, his concert is a springtime treat for all country enthusiasts.

9. MercyMe at Save Mart Center

Join the contemporary Christian band MercyMe for an evening of uplifting music. Their soul-stirring songs are a perfect way to reflect and rejuvenate this spring.

10. Brooks & Dunn at Save Mart Center

Rounding out our concert lineup are country legends Brooks & Dunn. Their high-energy performance is a fantastic way to experience the best of country music in Selma.

Wrapping Up

As we circle back to where we started, it's clear that Selma, CA, is a springtime haven for music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. From the heart-thumping concerts at the Save Mart Center to the tranquil beauty of the nearby trails and gardens, there's something for everyone. And let's not forget, if you're in the market for a new ride to get you to these fantastic events, Fahrney Buick GMC has got you covered. Selma's spring calendar is bursting with activities that promise to be as engaging and vibrant as the community itself. So, embrace the season, enjoy the concerts, and make the most of the beautiful springtime in Selma!


Best Concerts in Selma, CA - Fahrney Buick GMC

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