Used Ram 1500 Overview

Ram's 1500 trucks are built to power through any task you put before them. They're known for having a spacious, reclining rear seats, under-seat storage, and high-quality upholstery. That's why so many people choose this model as a family truck at Fahrney GMC Used. Ram truck owners are a proud and loyal lot. They take care of their trucks over the years and pass them on to the next lucky buyer. Resale value on a used Ram 1500 in Selma is exceptionally high. It's worth it to owners to take care of these trucks.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 1500's Overview

Used Ram 1500 Features

We've all seen a Ram 1500 out in the wild somewhere. They're frequent visitors to prohibitive areas like off-road trails, farms, and fishing holes. Hunters also get great use out of Ram 1500 models in Selma, too.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 1500's Exterior

Exterior Design

If you buy a Ram truck from 2010 or newer, you'll have the use of a multifunction tailgate with swing-open doors. A RamBox cargo management system can be converted into storage capacity for any of your fishing, camping, or off-road gear, or you can use it to transport family items. Many folks today like to turn the RamBox into a cooler for their drinks. This truck also has strength in its tailgate-down position. If you love tailgating parties, the used Ram 1500 is always up for some fun in Selma.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 1500's Interior
Quality Upholstery

A used Ram truck can be just as luxurious as a new one. It all depends on the habits of the owner, and you can investigate those through Fahrney GMC Used vehicle history reports. A visual inspection of a Ram 1500 cabin will also reveal its true condition to you. Early trims of the truck get cloth or vinyl upholstery, and later trims get leather-appointed seats with elegant embroidery and extra padding. These upholsteries are known for how well they stand up to human traffic.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 1500's Mechanical
Power Play

Model years like the 2020 used Ram 1500 come with up to 395 horsepower and start out with 260 horsepower. Torque ratings are 269-480 lb-ft of torque. Trims like the Rebel are outfitted with advanced exteriors and mechanical equipment to deliver a premium off-road experience. The 2020 Rebel boasted an off-road suspension system Bilstein shock absorbers, and four total skid plates for extra protection.

A Good Reason to Buy Used

Pickup trucks are unique in that they're not just simple transportation for a driver or families. The pickup truck is designed to actually do things for the person that owns it. It can move you cross-country thanks to its rugged truck bed and excellent payload; it can serve as a power generator while you're camping. Buying a used truck in Selma means getting this versatility and utility for less money and less hassle.

Easier Financing

Used buyers don't have to sweat quite as much before getting financing approval on their used Ram 1500 in Selma. New buyers have a very high standard to live up to and sometimes fall short on the income and credit history. If you really don't want to put yourself through a possible rejection this year, Fahrney GMC Used is an easier place to get financed than the new side of a dealership.

Lower Insurance Rates

Insurance rates in the past few years have gone through the roof and have many people displeased. There is relief. If you buy a used truck, you'll pay a far lower annual premium on truck insurance and have a lot more money to spare for camping trips and other things you enjoy doing in life.


Resources are finite. And today's auto buyer realizes that we need to get used trucks back out there on the road where they're meant to be. Recycling a used truck, renovating it, and putting it back in action is a very resourceful thing to do. Our dealership thanks everyone who contributes to the cause of keeping our used trucks valuable to society.

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