Used Ram 2500 Overview

For heavy-duty work, make sure to head into battle with a heavy-duty used Ram 2500. These pre-owned trucks have a proven track record of elevating business performance and returns. Our commercial division at Fahrney GMC Used is always available to show off the benefits of pre-owned pickups. With so much confusion in today's markets, it's good to know that some things never change. A used Ram 2500 in Selma is going to save you money and keep your business or personal adventures as productive and memorable as possible.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 2500's Overview

Features of this Used Truck

People buy HD models in Selma for many reasons. It's traditionally known as a work truck. Trims like the Tradesman, Laramie, and Limited all contribute to our local businesses and do great work for the people here. We already know the legend of a Ram 2500. What many people don't consider before buying a truck is the kind of value this particular model has as a used truck.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 2500's Exterior

Fortified Powertrain

To be considered a legendary used model, a vehicle must have a powertrain that's built to last. 100,000 miles just isn't enough to make a truck viable to customers as a used model. And that's great news for the used Ram 2500. This truck is designed to hit its stride well over 150,000 miles, and we've even seen some of these trucks hit 400,000 in their lifetime. It's rare, but it happens. The Ram HD's powertrains are legendary, both by performance and durability. 2020 models grab a 6-speed automatic transmission and V6 and V8 engines rated at between 370 horsepower and 410 horsepower.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 2500's Interior
Timeless Towing Experience

Many private buyers take home a used Ram 2500 just to have the strong towing capacity it offers. With the right equipment, you'll get up to 19,980 pounds of max towing from a pre-owned 2500 in Selma. No matter what the model year says, a heavy-duty Ram truck is capable of continuing its towing traditions. Just because it might hit 10 years or 15 years doesn't mean it can't still handle the hauls ahead of it.

Selma CA - 2023 Ram 2500's Mechanical

In Selma, we usually think of sedans and SUVs as luxurious, but Ram changed all that. They completely transformed the 2500's interior in the mid-2010s and showcased just how nice a truck cabin can be. Sitting high off the ground always gives a beautiful view to pickup truck drivers and passengers. However, throwing in perforated leather-appointed seats and real aluminum trim throughout the cabin make the view even more comfortable and exceptional. You can really feel good about yourself in a pre-owned Ram 2500.

Want to Buy a Used Truck?

If you're researching several trucks at once, and the Ram 2500 isn't a sure thing for you yet, please consider this truck one of your best options. Research it until you realize just how nice it is. Trims like the Limited are dressed like luxury SUVs and come with reclining rear seats and massive amounts of hidden storage compartments. It has a truck bed that stays in good shape even when you dish out serious punishment to it. Owning a Ram 2500 is always to your advantage, and when you buy used, you'll get even more advantages.

Available Tax Perks

Many businesses buy used fleets because of their built-in tax advantages. We're all onboard with getting a break on taxes. If you own a business, consider the Ram 2500 strongly. It'll save you lots of money on truck taxes over the years.

More Flexibility

Current model years come with a trim lineup that's set in stone. Used models time travel all over the place and give you the ability to grab limited editions, special appearance packages, and even trims that have outright disappeared on the new model.

Financial Relief

Financially, pre-owned trucks are a better buy. They help people get a lower down payment and skip many of the new dealer fees. If you're hurting financially this year, buying pre-owned is a great decision.

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Is a used Ram 2500 in your future? Please contact Fahrney GMC Used to learn more about our quality inventory of heavy-duty Ram trucks. The 2500 is the middle truck in the Ram lineup and one that is great for both businesses and families.

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