Used Toyota Tacoma Overview

The Toyota Tacoma has two versions to offer in any used inventory. Early Tacoma models were small pickups, so compact truck shoppers will find older model Tacoma trims that are right for their needs. If you're looking for something mid-size, the Tacoma can be that truck, too. A modern used Toyota Tacoma will be a mid-size pickup truck and give you a more spacious Tacoma. With so much diversity in the Tacoma's history, it's a great pick for our truck lovers at Fahrney GMC Used.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Tacoma Features

The Tacoma is known as a family pickup and off-road pickup. It's the kind of truck that looks great beside a scenic lake or campsite. Thanks to its utility, it can also do some towing for you if the need arises. Its TRD Off Road, Sport, and Pro trims are the most capable of the trim lineup, but models like the SR, SR5, and Limited are suitable as family pickup trucks. Here is why so many people select a used Toyota Tacoma at our dealership. Pickup trucks have a very distinct look compared to other models, and sometimes that distinct build doesn't always set them apart from other pickup trucks. Toyota changed all that with their layered, stacked look on their Tacoma. There's a lively appearance to the Tacoma that makes it a favorite pick just based on those looks alone. In Selma, there's a lot to do, and many people want a pickup truck for those recreational outings. Thanks to its strong V6 engines over the years, the Tacoma is a great pick just based on capability. The 2019 used Toyota Tacoma in Selma came with a 6,700 pound towing capacity and 3.5L Atkinson V6 engine rated at 278 horsepower and 265 lb-ft of torque. The Tacoma has maintained its traditional design more so than other trucks. You won't find it trying to compete with luxury cars, but you also won't find it depriving you of a nice interior. The model's 2019 version is a great example of what a modern used Toyota Tacoma in Selma has to offer Fahrney GMC Used. Shoppers in Selma get things like a JBL sound system, 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and leather-trimmed seats. It's cozy, upscale, but not over the top.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma

Buying Used at Fahrney GMC Used

Shoppers in Selma will find a great deal from the used Tacoma. It's a modern pickup truck that doesn't try to leap too far ahead of its own time in any generation. Customers love the unique appearance of the truck and the value that buying used brings. Many truck shoppers this year are skipping the steep depreciation of used models and getting more from a used Toyota Tacoma in Selma.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma
Take Control

If you find yourself spending way too much money this year, a good used truck is one product you'll definitely save money on. The down payment will be lower, you'll have lower truck insurance, and you'll pay less down. With so many savings, there's more room to spend on camping trips and truck accessories.

Selma CA - 2022 Toyota Tacoma
Responsible Choice

Buying a pre-owned truck benefits you, but it also benefits the world around you. As one of mankind's most important resources, the pickup truck can be "recycled" to a new owner without losing any of its value as a resource. It's still going to give you horsepower, towing capacity, and comfort. For many people, there's always a good reason to buy used. It's the responsible thing to do, both for your budget and your community.


Many long-time Tacoma fans love to go back and buy a Tacoma just to experience all its pleasant memories. Driving a truck you used to own is a lot of fun, and it gives you the chance to reminiscence about the old days and the new ones to come.

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We've got a huge selection of Tacoma models and are ready to help you score a great deal on all of them. Start researching our Tacoma inventory today, pick out a few models you like, and stop by to test drive.

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